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M&S Caramel Pecan Crunch Squares…..just heavenly!

Every now and then you just find a gluten free treasure that makes it allllll worth it!

Take for example, these devilishly delicious gluten free Caramel Pecan Crunch Squares from the M&S Made Without Wheat range.

I first read about these on Kim’s blog ( – check it out!) and just KNEW I had to try them…immediately!

The next time I was in town I popped into my local M&S with crossed fingers (can never find anything I want in stores down here in deepest darkest Devon!)  and was extremely happy to find a packet on the shelves!

Obviously I didn’t wait to get home to try them, I ripped that packet straight open the moment I got back to the car!

These babies are described as….

“Gluten free, these tasty caramel crunch squares make a gorgeous bite-size snack, perfect for parties and picnics or just indulging in with afternoon tea. Crunchy polenta base and caramel is topped with pecan nuts and a Belgian dark chocolate drizzle.”

Well, if I could describe these in one word it would be HEAVEN.

I am a massive fan of polenta in everything – from pizza bases to cake – and the bases on these were crunchy, buttery, and just melted in your mouth.

The caramel was just amazing, not too sweet and the whole thing had a beautiful golden colour.

I loved the drizzling of dark chocolate which balanced out the sweet caramel, and the crunchy nuts just finished it off perfectly.

I also love the fact these are cute little squares – the perfect amount to serve with a cuppa and not leave you feeling all sickly afterwards.

I can’t however say the same thing if you accidentally-on-purpose end up devouring a whole box in one go……

I would definitely reccommend these for anyone whose after a gluten free treat, and they would be amazing for buffets at parties.

M&S are really on to a winner with these, so I would definitely advise everyone (gluten free or not) to try these NOW!

3 thoughts on “M&S Caramel Pecan Crunch Squares…..just heavenly!

  1. I love these but can’t buy them too often because I can’t eat just one at a time. M&S really have some great GF products. Discovered this week that their breaded ham has a GF crumb.

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