Thyroid Surgery

For those of you who have stumbled across this blog in search of information about thyroid surgery, hopefully this page will make things a little easier to navigate!

In December 2010, I had surgery to remove my overactive thryoid.

Thyroid conditions have often been linked to coeliac disease, and having suffered from hyperthyroidism for as long as I can remember, it has been a big part of my life!

Before having my thyroid removed I was on medication for years, it then went into remission before becoming overactive again.

This time, I decided I wanted it out!

Before my operation I was in a blind panic of googling and after not being able to find much information on people’s personal experiences of the surgery, I was a nervous wreck.

I have created this page in the hope that if you are going through thyroid surgery or have just had an operation, it might put your mind at ease a bit!

Here’s all my thyroid related posts so far (will keep updating as and when I post – newest at the top!)….

Four years post surgery

A long overdue thryoid update (nearly 2 years post-op)

Thyroid Surgery – One Year On

9 months post-op

Thyroidectomy Scar 5 months on

Three months post-thyroid!

Another month gone by with no thyroid!

My Thyroidectomy Experience (post op)

Coeliac Disease linked with thyroid cancer (news)

Links between Coeliac Disease and Thyroid Conditions (my experience)

For those of you who want to see the gory details (If you’re having/had the surgery I know you’re dying to see what the scar looks like!) here’s some images (which I hope to update regularly!) on the progression of my scar.

For those of you who are a little squeamish, look away now!

15th Dec 2010, The day after my op (complete with surgical drain and staples!)

20th Dec 2010 – Back home, staples are all gone and there’s a bit of bruising!

6th Jan 2011 – been using the bio-oil and it’s looking heaps better already!

8th Feb 2011 – nearly 2 months after surgery and people already don’t notice my scar until I tell them, though to me it’s still so obvious!

12th March 2011 – Three months (ish) after my op and I’m really noticing how differently shaped my neck is!?

21st May 2011 – five months on and you can barely see the ends of my scar – it’s healing amazingly well!

31st August 2011 – 9 months on from my op and my scar is so much better!

17th Dec 2011 – Just over a year after my surgery my scar has improved considerably

15 thoughts on “Thyroid Surgery

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  3. Hey, I’m going in to have mine out this Wednesday (4/27/11) and I’m pretty anxious. I imagine it felt a little strange put the pictures of it up, but it was kind of nice to see what I can expect “visually”, so I appreciated it.

    • Jonathan – it did feel strange putting pictures up as I am still a little self concious of my scar, but when I was having my op I found it hard to find anything but horror stories and I wanted to show people that it isn’t as scary as the internet tends to make out! Hearing that it makes people feel a bit better about their op makes it all worthwhile – I know exactly how you’re feeling – I was terrified and I’m the biggest wimp around (I cried and passed out when I got my ears pierced!) but nearly five months on I am soooo glad I’ve had it done – my scar is healing amazingly well and with virtually no pain :) Best of luck, I’m sure it will all go well and don’t be too nervous :)

  4. Hi Sarah, I’m so glad I came across your blog. I also have to have a total thyroidectomy due to lots of nodules, which is annoying because my thyroid levels are just fine. I’m glad to hear you haven’t put on weight either as that is my biggest fear. I’ve just been tested for Coeliac disease too and am awaiting the results, but have been trying to cut out gluten for the last few months. I’d love to hear how you’re going now with your thyroid, as it’s been more than a year? And if you feel much different that before your surgery. Thanks! Jo

  5. i have to have an operation to remove my thyroid gland as i have a nodule that could be cancerous. i dont want to have the op, i cry every single day in fear of having the op, things going wrong and fear of lkeaving my 5yr old son cuz im so scared of dying. i cant eat or sleep, i just wish i didnt have to have the operation done, im so scared and so upset, ive put the operation off for months but i know i have to face up to it and have it done!

    • Hi LeAnne,
      I’m do for surgery soon and feel just like you did.Just wondering how your surgery went? I hope all is well.

  6. Hello first I would like to say Thank You for your time and your journey!
    I’m a 2 week old just had surgery and doing good!! My ? is the weight , did you gain or loose weight???

    • Hi Shannon, I’m glad it is of help! My weight has pretty much stayed constant since my surgery – I did however still have some of my thyroid left in which seems to be going overactive again. I think this could be why? I know some people have had problem with weight gain. When my thyroid was overactive I used to eat A LOT and never put on weight, so perhaps this is why? Because suddenly our thyroid isn’t burning it all off and we have to watch what we’re eating? The best thing you can do is to try and eat a healthy diet and exercise, and if you do have problems get in touch with your GP/Specialist. I hope this helps and your post-surgery journey all goes well :) x

  7. I had thyroidectomy for cancer, 12 hours of surgery but my scar wasn’t near as large as yours. Just wanted to let people know it might not be so large.

    • Hello how are you? I hope your okay! Can I ask you something about thyroid hormone therapy?

  8. I love your site, puts me at ease! How big was your goiter? Im having surgery in 5 days and my goiter is 11 cms! Im super terrified about the breathing and drain tube, but i cant wait to have this huge mass removed.

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