Gluten free sandwiches at Henry’s, Barnstaple

One of my lovely blog followers in Barnstaple told me about Henry’s cafe, and after nearly having an ‘I’m-starving-and-can’t-find-anything-gluten-free-to-eat-that-isn’t-cake’ strop, I suddenly remembered I was yet to try it.

I was already close to tears, having found out my local M&S have STOPPED stocking gluten free sandwiches (a trend I seem to have noticed is worryingly increasing in my area – but that’s for another, much angrier blog post!).

I didn’t know where to turn, but thought Henry’s was definitely worth a try, even though it was a cafe and I needed to be in a different town for work within the hour!

I went in and spoke to the man in there, who was lovely and explained that his wife found out she couldn’t eat gluten, so they had recently converted everything to gluten free.

The menu looked great – with a range of sandwiches, meals and even fry ups with gluten free sausages.

They very kindly told me they could make me a gluten free sandwich to take away, and, over-excited after resigning myself to hunger, I chose a bacon, brie and cranberry filling.

I’m not sure what bread they used, but the sandwich was great!

A generous filling, and at a great price too – I would seriously reccommend Henry’s to anyone in Barnstaple!

Henry’s is situated at 18 Joy Street, Barnstaple, North Devon.



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