Ooh la la, gluten free croissants and pain au chocolat from Genius

I’ll be completely honest with you guys – it’s been a pretty crap month or so and I’ve basically resolved myself to functioning on very little food and plenty of coffee!

So it’s not suprising with all going on – my Grandma and family dog of 10 years both passed away last month – that I haven’t really had much passion for food, and as a result, blogging.

I did, however, manage to try some of the new gluten free croissants and pain au choc from Genius – something I have been ever so excited about since I first saw the news of their arrival on Facebook!

For too long I have craved the buttery, sweet pastry – a sensation I don’t ever remember trying and has lived only in my imagination.

I think the woman in Tesco must have thought I was a crazy lady! Running in and bundling the shelf’s-worth into my basket!

Back at home, there was no hope of waiting for breakfast – I had to try them, and I had to try them NOW.

Pain Au Choc

I was worried that these would be stodgy – not like the dreamy, french pastries I see lining the quaint patisseries of my mind!

But the pastry was crisp, flaky and golden – perfect!

The chocolate is a rich, dark variety – a little bitter if you’re keen on the sweeter, milk variety, but complimenting the sweet pastry.

Overall I was impressed – these were so yummy, and definitely something I would buy again!


I think these were definitely my favourite!

The pastry, like the pain au choc, was deliciously buttery, crispy and flaky.

I had these with my Mum’s home-made gingerand rhubarb jam (which, for the record, is absolutely AMAZING!!) and they were such a yummy treat!

I really can’t reccommend these two products enough – they are glutinous (but not gluten-nous!) sweet, delectable treats and perfect forΒ  anything from a quaint Sunday breakfast to evening-time comfort food.

I love eating my croissants with jam – but how do you eat yours? Next on my list I think is cut in half with ham and cheese…..I’ll let you know how I get on!

Any suggestions on croissant-combinations, please comment below! x


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  1. Rachel says:

    I have only just started a gluten free way of living (only recently diagnosed with moderate gluten and lactose intolerances) and I was over the moon when my husband brought these home two weeks ago as i love pastries. Unlike yourself i was disapointed, i found them to taste artificially sweet and dense, not light and flakey like there full of gluten counter parts. I suppose each to their own, and it could be due to the fact i have only been totally gluten free for a couple of weeks and am still getting used to everything.
    Totally loving your blog though. x

    1. Sarah Howells (GF Blogger) says:

      Yer I can imagine if I had only just given up gluten it may be different! I have been gluten-less for so long I can barely remember what anything tasted like, though I do still get the odd bread craving when I smell it! Hope you get on ok with being gluten free – give me and email if you ever need any advice/have any queries and I’m happy to do my best to help!Thanks for the nice comment πŸ™‚ x

  2. Richard says:

    I have been trying to buy these products for a while. They no longer appear on the Genius web site and Tesco, Ocado and Waitrose no longer sell them or any similar products. Any suggestions, please?

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