Festive post #2: Prewett’s gluten free Christmas tree shortbreads

867_5013387204867_IDShot_225x225I was somewhat horrified when I went to Tesco the other night to find an empty space on the shelves where the gluten free mince pies should have been.

North Devon had obviously gone mince pie crazy, and I needed something festive to go with my mulled wine, so instead I opted for these Prewett’s Christmas Tree Shortbreads.

I’ve had their jammy wheels before which were pretty tasty, so I figured these would be a safe bet!

Unfortunately, due to the crumbly nature of the shortbread and my, erm, wonderful driving skills, they were a little bit broken up by the time I got them home.

Nonetheless, I popped them on a plate, poured the mulled wine and had a nibble.

Unfortunately, a nibble was just about all I had, as SOMEBODY (not naming names – you know who you are!) decided to gobble up the entire box in one sitting!

This is obviously a good sign, but from the half a biscuit I did manage to eat, I can concur this was justified!

bic1 bic2

I found these were a great gluten free shortbread – crumbly with that melt-in-your mouth texture.

They tasted really buttery and I can imagine they would have been delicious with a bit of cream and jam.

And, of course, the fact they are shaped in adorable little Christmas trees makes them even better!

So if you’re after a treat to have with a cuppa, party food with a festive twist or something for the kids to enjoy, these yummy treats are really worthy trying!

What’s you’re favourite gluten free biscuit? Do you make your own or buy them? Comment below and share your thoughts!


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  1. Sue says:

    I have seen these in my local Morrisons but declined to buy them as they have the dreaded oat flour in them, that all the manufacturers (apart from prescription ones) seem to be putting in biscuits. Funnily enough my Mum had a box of Traidcraft Christmas Tree biscuits today (with gluten in) and they look identical so perhaps Prewetts make them too. Also, wondering about cross contamination if they make ordinary biscuits in their factory, unless they have a different site.

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