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00 blog photoHi, my name is Sarah – I’m a 27-year-old coeliac living in little ol’ North Devon in England. I’m a journalist by day and an avid blogger and vlogger by night, and I love sharing my gluten free journey.

I also had a thyroidectomy in 2010, which you can read all about here. I am passionate about health and fitness, I love lifting weights and practising yoga so I can eat plenty of pizza. I dislike gloomy days and unnecessarily-holey gluten free bread.

I hope you enjoy this little blog of mine, and please shoot me an email if you have any questions! If you’d like to know more about my coeliac disease diagnosis story, then click here, or watch this video made my lovely friend Lauren below.


If you are a brand and you’d like to discuss a review, ambassadorship or collaboration of some kind, or if you’d like to contact me to discuss freelance work, please contact me here.


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  1. sonia gluten free says:

    Hi nice to meet Sarah.
    My name is Sonia (Spain) and I have a granddaughter celiac seven years diagosticada with sixteen months.
    My granddaughter often travels to UK, his father is half English, half Irish :-)))
    I work for celiac disease spread.
    They must create laws for the community, in school menus without gluten, in workplaces, restaurants, hotels can take a beer …. gluten easily …..-)))))

    Any information on Spain’m aa your disposal.

    Hugs with affection “gluten free”

  2. sarahhowells says:

    Thankyou Sonia! If I ever travel to Spain (which hopefully I will!) I know who to contact! Sarah

  3. sonia gluten free says:

    Thanks Sarah.
    Etam working hard to spread the Celiac Disease in Spain, we Hotels, Restaurants …. all with gluten-free diet.

    Now tarbajamos in schools, all school cafeterias with “GLUTEN-FREE DIET.

    afcetuosos greetings

  4. LadyBizBiz says:

    Did you really survive on porridge when you’d maxed out your student grant? Porridge isn’t recommended for Coeliacs …. it can have the same effect as Gluten!

    What I have noticed is that when eaten it appears to be fine for a little while, but then oh the pain as it kicks in. It appears to have an accumulative affect. Something I thought I should share with you as someone who has been Coeliac for over 50 years.

    I remember the student days well enough, eating at the Halls Restaurant was very dodgey … when I asked for a gluten free dessert I got stewed apples and custard …. EVERY evening!

    Take care Sara.

  5. sarahhowells says:

    I was told by my dietician and GP that I could try oats as I only suffer from mild effects from my food, and some Coeliacs are OK with eating gluten. I have never seemed to suffer any affects from eating porrdige so I consider myself lucky! But thankyou for the advice, it is probably wise that I eat as little of it as possible!
    Stewed apples and custard sounds amazing! I might have to have a look at making that myself! Wow, a Coeliac for 50 years! That’s quite an achievement! I have been diagnosed for about 8/9 years now I thought that was a long time!

  6. sonia gluten free says:

    If there are people who take many years to be diagnosed!

    It is important to implement the protocols medioc about celiac disease in all special treatments.

    There are about 80% of celiac patients are not diagnosed :::::-((((

    greetings with affection

  7. Shullie says:

    new follower here – diagnosed finally as I went into menopause..( a few years ago) but always had some issues .

    I’m a cake baker so always trying out recipes – shall be happy to share,

  8. Of course Sarah :-))))
    At your disposal!
    Greetings with love

  9. Sally Romain says:

    You tweeted me a couple of weeks back. My website is now up and running so hope you will have a look. Comments welcome and especially any advice as to how I can let people know about my gluten free cakes. Best wishes, Sally Romain

  10. Those statements are so true! The number of questions “so you can have flour can’t you? – and that was from a chef!

  11. alwaysamum says:

    Great blog. Like you my son was lucky that his usual doctor was on holidays when I took him for an appointment for yet another bout of vomiting and gastro and several days off school. This ‘new’ doctor picked up on what a specialist and 2 other doctors had missed over the last 12 years. Suddenly all his sickness and illnesses made complete sense. He is 12 months down the track now (aged 16) and feeling much better and more confident about having coeliac disease and I am starting to enjoy cooking and baking and shopping again.

  12. Lucy says:

    Love your blog. Love from a fellow coeliac! πŸ™‚ check out my blog here: lucyspantry.weebly.com

    1. Thanks Lucy, I will have a read πŸ™‚

  13. Diane says:

    Great to read your blog Sarah. I’m researching blogs as I was thinking of starting one myself, mainly for restaurant reviews. As a newbie to a gluten free diet I am finding eating out a real headache mainly because some waiters/waitresses look at me as if I have two heads, and I really want to raise awareness. My sister is a diagnosed celiac, I have had symptoms similar to hers for the last few years and have been eating gluten free for roughly 12 months with my symptoms reducing significantly in this period. Your blog is a great find for a novice; thanks.

  14. great blog sarah x I recently met a friend whose gotta gluten intolerence aswell as a dairy intolerence to and its kinda strange but despite the fact he felt ” oh nooooo I’ll never eat the same again” I’m really intruiged as to how you can cook an all time favourite homemade dish but just tweak it a little differently so that it still tastes good but its gluten free :). I’m looking forward to seeing more posts from you in my wp blog feed x I don’t really blog about cooking and GF stuff myself but you’ll find some inky illustrations if it takes your fancy πŸ™‚ . Thanks again kate x

  15. keeleydancey says:

    Glad to have found your blog! My boyfriend and I are traveling to this exact resort in 11 days *eek!* He has coeliacs as well sadly but it’s a lot of comfort knowing this place takes it seriously as many don’t, just brushing it off as a fad.
    Anything you recommend we do while we’re there? Any favorite part you’d do again in a heart beat? πŸ™‚ -Keeley

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