AMAZING gluten free burgers at The Custom House, Barnstaple

AMAZING gluten free burgers at The Custom House, Barnstaple

I have been absolutely DYING to visit The Custom House in Barnstaple, North Devon, since it relaunched as a burger restaurant and when I finally got to go for my birthday meal, I wasn’t disappointed!

With my gluten free burger, happiest moment ever!

When the restaurant first opened I discovered they offered gluten free burger buns and that was it, I absolutely had to go.

But what I was most impressed with (apart from the AMAZING food!) when I did go, was the level of service we got.

In fact, from the gluten free knowledge, amazing service and locally-sourced food, the meal we ate couldn’t have been better!

Matt, the owner, was really helpful – going through the menu telling me what I could and couldn’t eat, and even letting me have my own gluten free garlic bread made from one of the GF burger buns!

For starters I took up the offer of the gluten free (cheesy!) garlic bread – it’s one of my fave foods and I always want to cry watching everyone else devour it in resturants!

GF cheesy garlic bread!

It was absolutely delicious – and I couldn’t wait for my burger!

You put together a burger of your choice from more than 544,320 combinations (simpler than it sounds!) – I chose to have a beef burger (beef or chicken options are gluten free) on a gf bun with lettuce, red onion, olives, swiss cheese and sweet chilli sauce.

mmmmmm, burgers!

And it was absolutely amazing!!

For £8.95 you get a burger stuffed full of delicious fillings, and a side portion of yummy chips.

And if you don’t like burgers, they even do gluten free pasta – perhaps I shall try this next!

I absolutely loved this restaurant (and so did all my ‘normal’ gluten-ous friends!) – and I can’t wait to go back again as soon as possible! If you’re in North Devon there is no excuse not to go – everyone coeliac or not should try it!!

For more information visit the Custom House’s website here.



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