GUEST POST: The GF Cake Lover visits North Devon

The gfcakelover talks about all the gluten free goodies she found on a recent visit to North Devon.

CELEBRITY GUEST POST: ‘Queen of Soul’ Mari Wilson suggests her fave gluten free recipes

The Neasden ‘Queen of Soul’ and original beehive wearer talks about life with coeliac disease, and shares some of her favourite recipes!

GUEST POST: Thyroid surgery from across the pond!

Caitlyn first contacted me before her thyroidectomy surgery, and I found her story inspiring. Here she talks about her experiences of thyroid surgery in the US, after suffering with Hashimoto’s and nodules on her thryoid gland.

GUEST POST: Gluten Free tropical breakfast risotto

In the next of our series of guest blog posts, Brian from This Gluten-Free Life has been kind enough to share a delicious tropical breakfast risotto recipe which is perfect for feeling summery!

GUEST POST: ‘Life beyond onion and garlic’ by FODMAP Free

In her second guest post, Pippa, aka FODMAP Free, will be exploring life without onion and garlic, and sharing a great recipe for gluten and FODMAP free spaghetti bolognese.

Coeliac disease and osteoporosis: why exercise is so important

After going for a DEXA scan, I realised that looking after your bones is extremely important for those suffering from coeliac disease.

Gluten free chocolates for Mother’s Day

These gluten free chocolates are perfect for a mothers’ day gift, an elegant confectionary product from the heart of Devon.


​This week the lovely Pippa, aka FODMAP free, is blogging about the FODMAP diet in the first of a series of new guest posts. Pippa will be sharing her FODMAP experiences with you every month, so stay tuned for more posts to come!

Lunchtime resolutions: gluten free goodies

This week I have been trying to eat healtheir lunches as part of my new regime to get fit and healthy!

2011 in review

For those of you who are interested, thanks for your support over the past year xx

Thyroid Surgery – One Year On

I wanted to do a post to mark a year since my operation, for those of you reading ahead and worrying before you undergo surgery of your own.

Gluten Free in Uganda

So for those of you who don’t follow my Facebook page, you may be wondering where I have vanished to over the past few weeks! Yes, I admit, I am not exactly the best at posting frequently when I get busy, but this time I have a perfectly viable excuse….I…

The Kindness of Strangers

To the lovely Australian woman who came into my wokr today and gave me some gluten free goodies to try – if you are reading this, thankyou 🙂

Nine months after thryoidectomy

An update on the progress of my thryroidectomy scar – was the operation worth it?

Toaster Bags – How to make Safe GF Toast!

I wanted to take a few quick moments to share with you the secret to how you can share your gluten-consuming family’s toaster without fear of contamination!

Thyroidectomy Scar – Five Months On

Five months on from my thyroidectomy, and you can see how well my scar is healing up – the comparison between the two pics is amazing!!

The gluten free challenge – and how to host a great gf dinner party

More info on how you can sign up for the gluten free challenge, plus a handy vid!

Three months post-thyroid!

It’s (two days short of) three months since my surgery – and all is going well!

Another month gone by with no thyroid…

It’s now been a month since my last post, and nearly two months since my operation, here’s how it all looks now.

Looking back over 2010…

A little late I’ll admit, but thought you lovely people deserved to know how much you’ve helped and supported me over 2010

Fifty Magazine Article

Here’s an article I wrote for Fifty Magazine about Coeliac Disease, let me know what you think and check out the rest of the mag’s content!

My Thyroidectomy Experience

After suffering years of an over-active thyroid, which can be linked to coeliac disease, I finally had mine removed – here’s what happened…

Snow-time survival

Waking up on a chilly winter’s morning, you sleepily draw the blinds to reveal a glistening dusting of white outside. The world looks beautiful – still, silent and stunningly sparkling, you can’t help but feel a well of childish excitment start to awaken in you. That first crunch on perfect,…

Oat detox…one month(ish) on!

Ok, so as Steve very aptly pointed out to me, I started my oat detox last month… and then miserably failed to actually write any more about it! So for those of you that have sat waiting at your computer screens with disappointment every night for something to pop up…

gluten free christmas ebook pop-up