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Here you’ll find all my gluten free product reviews. I’ve reviewed a whole range of gluten free products in the UK, so whether you’re looking for the best gluten free bread or a more obscure free from products, you’ll find everything here. I’ve even tried insect protein bars! Scroll down and see what takes your fancy…

Decorating gluten, dairy, nut and egg free Christmas mug cookies!

If there’s one thing that takes me back to Christmas as a child, it’s getting messy and decorating Christmas cookies and biscuits! Being gluten free or (allegedly) a grown up has not killed my love of this, and so that is what I set out to do! If you gave…

Free From advent calendars: My picks for December 2016

I taste tested some gluten free and dairy free advent calendars – find my video review here plus some other free from (and even chocolate free) advent calendar ideas for December!

Taste testing new gluten free pizzas by Dr Oetker Ristorante

Dr Oetker is the latest mainstream brand to launch a new range of gluten free pizzas, but how do they taste? I tested out the Dr Oetker gluten free pizzas and found out.

My review of the new Protein Pow whey and vegan protein powders

My review of the brand new Protein Pow protein powders – both whey and vegan – after making gluten free protein cookies and protein cheesecake!

Cooking with Nowt Poncy gluten free curry and tomato sauces

These Nowt Poncy sauces really are what they say on the tin – gluten free, organic where possible and sourced from small local businesses. Here’s what i thought of their gluten free sauce range.

McCain launches new gluten free chips – how do you eat yours?

McCain has launched a brand new, gluten free battered chip, and to celebrate you could win a £50 supermarket voucher to try some! Find out how to enter here…

Gluten free balsamic sausage and butter bean casserole

Sausages are often a minefield for coeliacs – which is why I was so pleased to learn Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range of sausages are ALL now gluten free. Find out what I cooked up here…

Cooking up gluten free meals with The Mindful Chef

These healthy recipe boxes from Mindful Chef are packed with organic goodies and perfect for creating tasty gluten free meals when you’re really busy!

Gluten free mini pizzas with new recipe Newburn Bakehouse sandwich thins

These gluten and dairy free sandwich thins from Newburn Bakehouse have a new and improve recipe – and are perfect for making mini pizzas.

Review: Cooking with Protein Pow’s cooking mixes

If you fancy trying out protein cooking, you need these new Protein Pow cooking mixes in your life – so simple to use and suitable for coeliacs too!

New gluten free artisan loaves from Newburn Bakehouse

Gluten free bread has come a long way over the years, and I was excited to test out these two brand new artisan loaves from Newburn Bakehouse. Here’s what I thought…

Gluten free Daim bar chocolate cakes from Almondy

Almondy Cakes are celebrating 10 years in the UK, and their gluten free Daim bar cakes are simply delicious! Find out how you can win some of their goodies here…

Gluten free Hobnobs are HERE – and they are pretty damn awesome

The news of gluten free hobnobs and gluten free milk chocolate hobnobs has been met with much excitement today – but how do they taste, and where can you find them?

Review: New Nestlé gluten free cereals take me back to childhood days

Nestlé has launched some new gluten free cereals and their goal is to make coeliacs feel ‘normal’! Find out what I thought of them – and how you can win some goodies – here…

Review: Gluten free CRICKET protein bars!

Adding protein to foods seems to be all the rage – but these gluten free protein bars from Bodhi are made from cricket flour! Find out why we should consider more insect-based protein sources…

National Vegetarian Week: My review of Heck’s gluten free veggie range

Heck do some of the best gluten free sausages and burgers I’ve ever found – and now they’ve launched a veggie line too. As a self-confessed carnivore I tested it out…

Cooking with Chippa: Egg free mayo brownies and honey Worcester chicken thighs

Are you looking for a gluten free replacement for your favourite condiment? Gluten free brand Chippa has a whole range of sauces which don’t compromise on flavour – and you can use them for these simple recipes too…

Review: New gluten free Madeleines from Mrs Crimbles

Many new gluten free products are launched during Coeliac Awareness Week (May 9-15, 2016) and one of the first companies to announce some new additions were coeliac-favourites Mrs Crimble’s. Mrs Crimble’s is marking the week with the launch not one, not two, but THREE new gluten free products: gluten free classic French…

Review: Gluten free ready meals with Feel Free Foods

You know those nights when you’re too exhausted to cook? These gluten and wheat free ready meals from Feel Free will bring a quick and easy taste of Italy to your dinner table!

Review: Gluten free mighty mini loaves from Newburn Bakehouse

Ever find your gluten free bread goes mouldy because you can’t eat it fast enough? Newburn Bakehouse has come up with the perfect answer – meet the Mighty Mini Loaf!

Review: Gluten free goodies from Rule of Crumb

From crisp gluten free goujons to delicious gluten free part-baked baguettes, Rule of Crumb may have been rejected on Dragon’s Den, but I am definitely in…

Review: Gluten free toasts from Kent & Fraser

These gluten free and wheat free toasts from Kent & Fraser are perfect for dinner parties – or just enjoying on a quiet night in with some good cheese and wine!

Gluten free Nestle competition: the winners

The winners of the Nestle gluten free competition are…

What will be on my gluten free table this Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and it’s time to stock up on some last minute gluten free treats! Here is what I will be buying from the Free From aisles and beyond this Christmas…

Tesco’s gluten free Christmas: a look at their range and their #GlutenFreeHelps event

I’ve got to hand it to Tesco – their Christmas free from range is definitely the most extensive I have seen. From stuffing and chipolatas to profiteroles, dough balls, mince pies and Christmas cakes, it’s all gluten free!

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