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Here you’ll find all my gluten free product reviews. I’ve reviewed a whole range of gluten free products in the UK, so whether you’re looking for the best gluten free bread or a more obscure free from products, you’ll find everything here. I’ve even tried insect protein bars! Scroll down and see what takes your fancy…

Ooh la la, gluten free croissants and pain au chocolat from Genius

I’ve been waiting to try these for so long, and they were oh-so worth the wait!

When life gives you macaroons….

Sharing the gluten free love with these coconut treats.

Chickpea pasta – something a bit different!

Fresh, delicious pasta that’s naturally gluten free.

Brownies, brownies, everywhere!

Four of the best chocolate brownies I’ve tasted in the past few weeks.

Fun gluten free Crispy Rice Bites – perfect for kids!

These yummy goodies are enough to keep any kid – or inner child – smiling.

Gluten free cherry bakewells at Costa Coffee

Tiny treats from my favourite coffee chain – have you tried these delectable cherry bakewells yet?

Gluten free pakoras and tikkis at Oceanfest – perfect festival food!

Trudging through the mud at Goldcoast Oceanfest this weekend, I was relieved to find these tasty gluten free treats!

Sticky gluten free cinnamon buns from Fria

Soft, sticky cinnamon buns – another product I put to the test by the Swedish gluten free company Fria.

Award winning gluten free billionaires brownie – the ultimate indulgance for chocoholics!

Another tasty indulgance from Heavenly Cakes, this time one that’s a chocolate lover’s dream!

Gluten free angel cake: a heavenly idea

A classic cake from one of my original and favourite gluten free cake-bakers – Steph’s gluten free Kitchen comes up with another hit!

Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for: trying Fria gluten free bread

Finally, the wait is over, as I manage to get my hands on some gluten free goodies from Fria…and they were so worth the wait!

Juicy gluten free burgers from The Black Farmer

Delicious and meaty, these beef burgers from The Black Farmer are a great gluten free treat.

Gluten free sausages from a local butcher

I love shopping locally where I can, and these sausages from a North Devon butcher’s are one of the great products I have found.

A tangy treat: gluten free lemon meringue shortbread

If you could turn one dessert into a cake you could scoff regularly, what would it be? For me, lemon meringue pie…but someone has done the job for me!

Amoy straight to wok gluten free rice noodles – finally!

Clearly labelled gluten free, simple to use and taste great – what more could you ask for in a noodle?

Delicious meatballs from the Black Farmer’s Daughter

Whilst going through a bit of an obsession with meatballs, I put these gluten free pork and beef products to the test!

Going bananas for sticky banana cake!

When Sally from Going Bananas! tweeted me about her new business venture launching selling gluten free banana cakes, well, I couldn’t say no to trying some!

Gluten free falafel mix – a tasty vegetarian lunch

Falafel: beautiful to pronounce, simple to make and extremely versatile, this really is the chickpea in its very finest moment. The Hale & Hearty quick and easy falafel mix is foolhardy, and a bit of an exotic dish with it’s roots in the Middle East. Made from ground chickpeas, not…

Gluten free caramelised red onion and goat’s cheese tart

A beautiful combination of flavours in perfect gluten free pastry – Baked to Taste delivers once more with this delicious tart.

Gluten free pizza: A genius idea

This gluten free delight is the perfect Saturday night-solution, and tastes so much like a ‘normal’ pizza you wouldn’t notice the difference!

Glutafin gluten free white loaf: the best yet?

This white bread from Glutafin is soft, tasty, and a worthy contender for my favourite gluten free bread.

Gluten free Rice Mac & Cheese: an American-style TV dinner

Rich, creamy, cheesy, gooey and all-round delicious, there is nothing disappoints about this ready meal.

Gluten free Cornish style slices: my first puff pastry experience

Delicious puff pastry with a peppery filling, these cornish slices are the perfect treat for a Sunday afternoon.

Marathon flapjack: a gluten free must for those who can eat oats

For those who remember when Snickers were Marathons, this will bring a little bit of nostalgia…flapjack style.

Gluten free Japanese rice crackers – great for sharing

Forget dull and boring rice cakes, Sakata japanese rice crackers are where it’s at nowadays.

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