Review of Asda’s gluten free gingerbread house kit

Lauren and I attempted the challenge of making our own gingerbread house with the Asda gluten and dairy free gingerbread house kit. How did we get on? Watch the video here…

Round up: What’s new in the free from aisles this month?

Is it me, or have there suddenly been a whole load of new gluten free products launched into the supermarket free from aisles?

Great gluten free news for two UK supermarkets

Tesco launches brand new gluten free sandwich range while Asda adds two gluten free meals to its cafe menu. Bring on April 28.

“Gluten Free” oats recalled

It would seem this week that a number of “Freefrom” oat products have been recalled from the supermarket shelves, read on for more info…

Gluten Free Noodles!!!!

It’s been a while since I got REALLY excited about a gluten free product, until I came across, wait for it, oh yes, GLUTEN FREE NOODLES!!! King Soba Gluten Free Organic rice noodles are the best noodle substitutes I’ve found, though I haven’t found many! A similar thickness to noodles,…

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