The BEST gluten free mince pies – and other free from festive goods from Waitrose

What does Waitrose have to offer for Christmas this year? Only the best gluten free pies I’ve tasted! Take a look at what other gluten free and dairy free Christmas options they have here…

Coeliac disease diagnosis rates experience fourfold increase

The charity Coeliac UK has published the latest research to kick off Coeliac Awareness Week. Find out how you can get involved and support the Gluten Free Guarantee here!

My pre-‘gluten free guarantee’ rant at Tesco

Kicking off the gluten free guarantee week by finding out my local Tesco store has discontinued my favourite gluten free pizza – and replaced it with their own, sub-standard version…

Gluten free yorkshires with roast beef – the ultimate winter feast!

Slow roasted beef with some fabulous home made Yorkshire puddings, great for the dark, winter evenings.

Gluten free at Center Parcs, Longleat

If you are after a holiday that will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed (all dependent on the amount of wine consumed, of course!) then get to Longleat Center Parcs, hire a bike, hit the spa and don’t worry about not being able to eat!

Tomato soup, perfect for weekends

If you’re looking for something warm and comforting to have for lunch this weekend, then here’s a perfect idea to fight the winter blues. You may think I’ve gone a bit soup-crazed recently, but with the mother-in-law experimenting with her new soup-recipe book left, right and centre, the addiction has…

A Blast from the Past!

Do you miss the odd bit of ready made comfort food? Try these Gluten Free Chicken Kievs for a hassle free option…

Summer Warmth for a Cold Day

With the current weather turning the world white and icy-cold, there was one item of gluten free food that brought distant memories of summer back to me. Sainsbury’s Free From Sun Dried Tomato Ciabatta Rolls are absolutely divine. The packaging, containing two rolls, says to oven cook the rolls for…

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