Review: Gluten free mighty mini loaves from Newburn Bakehouse

Ever find your gluten free bread goes mouldy because you can’t eat it fast enough? Newburn Bakehouse has come up with the perfect answer – meet the Mighty Mini Loaf!

Review: Gluten free goodies from Rule of Crumb

From crisp gluten free goujons to delicious gluten free part-baked baguettes, Rule of Crumb may have been rejected on Dragon’s Den, but I am definitely in…

Becoming addicted to Genius spicy gluten free fruit loaf

A new product from Genius gluten free. I didn’t think I would be too keen – I ended up addicted…

A weekend filled with gluten free bread!

I don’t tend to eat much gluten free bread, but when I do, I go big or go home! Here’s how I enjoyed a weekend of gluten free breaded indulgence with lunch on the go, stuffed ‘subs’ and hot garlic bread…

The gluten free bread round-up of the month (ish!)

The good, the bad, and the ugly in the gluten free bread world.

Glutafin gluten free white loaf: the best yet?

This white bread from Glutafin is soft, tasty, and a worthy contender for my favourite gluten free bread.

Fresh Bread, Perfect Toast

When I received Juvela’s Gluten-free Fresh Bread through the post, I was amazed at how soft it felt. This white sliced bread really was as soft as it felt, contrary to the usual stark, crumbly bread that lines the gluten-free shelves. Baked and ordered fresh to your pharmacy, this bread…

A Genius Idea!

When I saw Genius Bread on the shelf in Tescos, I picked it up thinking “not another crappy loaf of bread!” But the instant my fingers wrapped around the loaf I felt it squash beneath my hands…like real bread. I scoured the pack, unable to believe that this soft loaf…

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