My thoughts on Tesco’s gluten free, dairy free, egg free ready meals

I’ve been meaning to put this blog post together for a long time, as when Tesco launched their brand new free from ready meals last month, they kindly sent me through a sample of each to try – watch the video here or scroll down for the full review! From…

Round up: What’s new in the free from aisles this month?

Is it me, or have there suddenly been a whole load of new gluten free products launched into the supermarket free from aisles?

Tesco’s gluten free Christmas: a look at their range and their #GlutenFreeHelps event

I’ve got to hand it to Tesco – their Christmas free from range is definitely the most extensive I have seen. From stuffing and chipolatas to profiteroles, dough balls, mince pies and Christmas cakes, it’s all gluten free!

My pre-‘gluten free guarantee’ rant at Tesco

Kicking off the gluten free guarantee week by finding out my local Tesco store has discontinued my favourite gluten free pizza – and replaced it with their own, sub-standard version…

Great gluten free news for two UK supermarkets

Tesco launches brand new gluten free sandwich range while Asda adds two gluten free meals to its cafe menu. Bring on April 28.

“Gluten Free” oats recalled

It would seem this week that a number of “Freefrom” oat products have been recalled from the supermarket shelves, read on for more info…

More product recalls

There seems to be a lot of “gluten-free” product recalls going on at the moment! With M&S recalling their gluten free Rich Fruit Cake last month, now here’s some more info on other products that are currently being recalled: In the Yorkshire and Humberside area, the following beer is being…