Toaster Bags – How to make Safe GF Toast!

I wanted to take a few quick moments to share with you the secret to how you can share your gluten-consuming family’s toaster without fear of contamination!

Which bread for what?

So the main staple food us Coeliacs miss is bread – but with so many options on the market and so many ways to use them, which bread is best for which meal? I decided to find out…. Perfect for… Garlic Bread Buttery, garlicy and soft – all you would…

Fresh Bread, Perfect Toast

When I received Juvela’s Gluten-free Fresh Bread through the post, I was amazed at how soft it felt. This white sliced bread really was as soft as it felt, contrary to the usual stark, crumbly bread that lines the gluten-free shelves. Baked and ordered fresh to your pharmacy, this bread…

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